Welcome Germany


Passersby will find the following sign on the window, lest they mistake "English Spoken Here" for "Speak English Here".
Muss ich hier Englisch sprechen?
Nein, aber es lohnt sich!
Wir denken nicht im Traum daran, dass Sie nur Englisch reden müssen. Unsere Mitarbeiter werden Sie normalerweise auf Englisch bedienen und Sie ermutigen, auf Englisch zu antworten. Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit eine fremde Sprache zu üben, die Sie mit viel Zeitaufwand gelernt haben. Im Durchschnitt sprechen unsere Kunden drei Sprachen. Das heißt, wenn Sie eine weitere Sprache sprechen möchten, werden Ihnen alle für die Übungsgelegenheit danken. Am Ende sind dann alle polyglott.
- The Mgmt.

The following is a special note from the Hometown Soul Cafe founder, Jeff Winchell, intended to clarify the special relationship between this business and German customers.

"The Hometown Soul Cafe is focused on providing a bit of home for people from countries where English is an official or defacto language. However it is also important for these expats to share this with their friends and family, who may not be from these lands.

I also recognize that English is rapidly becoming a global language and that you may wish to visit us to practice the English you learned as a foreign language in school. Speaking a foreign language can be taxing and you may want to occasionally switch to German while conversing with your multilingual friends.

These things are all fine and welcome as long as we don't cross the boundary into the Hometown Soul Cafe becoming a psuedo English place where people mostly speak German.

Before going on, I would like to point out, that as an American (AKA the melting pot), I am quite aware of the importance of integration. As a twelth generation Winchell in America, I appreciate the perspective of the establishment, and as a somewhat recent inhabitant of Germany, I also have a feel for the perspective of the newcomer.

But the soul is a mysterious thing - not bound by theories and regulations, or even the ebb and flow of strong emotions. This is why I am creating an environment, where customers can emerge themselves in an English experience from home and individually integrate over time in their soul's own way.

    - Jeff Winchell

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