The Early Days

July 6: The Hometown Soul Cafe (Original article in German here)
The Friends of Emilio Estevez Blog

Hurray! The Friends of Emilio Estevez are improving and growing! New to our ranks is Hannah, the woman with the haunted feet (ask about that later!) And the immeasurable knowledge of the Hometown Soul Café, which is currently the hottest hot spot of the city and probably the country occurs (see below ...), join the Author team!

We also look forward to her presenting her first article and look forward to her continuing for many more articles!

Home - or, as would say our English, or at least Anglophile friends: home - you know, is where the heart is. To my shame, I must confess that I have obviously given my heart away once too often and too quickly to places, which I mistakenly called my home. Now that I have found my real home, the scales fell from my eyes (incidentally the nastiest saying in the world!) And I am ashamed to be crazy for home: the Hometown Cafe Soul (near Rewe). It has everything, I mean, everything that an intrigued young person wants. I can prove it, I asked intrigued young people.

You enter and are surprised at first. Hm, Greek lamps. Oooh, a huge Mexican landscape as a mural. If you have dug a little bit in your memory, then you remember not long ago a Greek and a Mexican held the store before, and out of the ruins of these completely over-valued cultures, like the phoenix from the ashes, a new star has risen in the restaurant heaven (but not without elements of the other to muss with. Hello postmodernism!). What is there not to see! Here is a children's corner, on the way to the bathroom - never go in pairs to the Hometown Soul Cafe, the way to the toilet is extremely extended by looking, and if you only go in pairs, one sits around doing nothing while the other amuses himself in front of the can -- shelves of English books, many, many DVDs, and sometimes even a wooden motorcycle (yes! A wooden motorcycle!). And now, why asks the esteemed reader. You can rent them, is the answer. The motorcycle would not be the only idea for improvement by the maker of the Hometown Soul Cafe, but also books and DVDs. And indeed, here it comes, for nothing and based on trust. I save now, a long digression about trust nowadays and video store rental fees in the new German literature, and swith over to the menus. The menus are varied and include not only food, but also photos of food, notes on the origin of the food, party suggestions and announcements of special events that the guest may participate in, small hidden jokes, flags of many English-speaking countries, information on the family, the host's (Jeff) life philosophy and bar concept.

The shop is not only pub or café, but openly shows the private Jeff, and that in such a charming and sometimes a little clumsy way that it does not appear exhibitionist or affected. Or is it not charming, when Jeff is rehearsing in the pub with his brass band, so that every sentence of a guest is accompanied with a flourish? Everything just gets more significant when it is hintertuscht. And now the breakfast! My stomach did not experience it on Sunday, but I was told that it was very opulent and English. Moreover, there is also the opulent American variant, which must still be checked out. And Pitcher Day! The cheapest pitcher day there is! And if you want something to eat, that is not there, you can tell Jeff and he might incorporate it into the menu. My mother still wouldn't do that for me. Oh boy, oh boy, what can I still tell you, but let's leave it, so you can experience it yourself. Mi casa es su casa, everyone come to the expats' second living room and feel cozy!

August 11: English Beer and Scrabble (Original article in German here)
Göttingen Tageblatt (local newspaper)

In the former Greek restaurant on Papendiek: Jeff Winchell offers drinks, food and entertainment

Every night Jeff Winchell records his day’s results on an index. No, not a stock index. What the owner of the Hometown Soul Café on Papendiek 1 keeps track of is not the stock price of his newly opened restaurant, but the countries which his guests come from. The American from Seattle, WA who landed in the Leine city because of his German girlfriend seldom speaks German.

To earn his livelihood he went at it with typical American pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit: “What can I do? English. What’s not in Göttingen? A meeting place for native English speakers. How large is the potential market? About 3000. What follows from that? I will open such a meeting place. The software expert invested 15,000 Euros, partly from a startup subsidy. The menu has Irish beer on tap, 30 international bottled beers and every night a different dish. In addition he sells American sweets and ready-to-eat foods like macaroni and cheese or pancakes.

Jeff’s cafe not only wants to be a place for entertainment, but also a community center. "We regularly play Scrabble, read to children, watch English-language TV and soon will offer an German class for English speakers. So far Jeff has still not made a profit, but the number of customers grows. The former Microsoft employee has a big dream: "I hope my café will develop one day into a profitable business franchise."

Halloween 2009

Oct 30: Fun in the Haunted House
Göttingen Tageblatt

Tomorrow Jeff Winchell offers a Halloween afternoon for adults and children in a haunted house specially erected for the day. On this day the Hometown Soul Cafe on Papendiek 1 will be a meeting place for horror lovers. Among other things, there will be Halloween games for children, ghost stories and Halloween-inspired food. Live music follows. It all starts at 3 PM.

Oct 31: Is today already Christmas? No, Halloween
Göttingen Tageblatt

...But you can celebrate one thing above all this weekend: Halloween. For instance the Hometown Soul Café in Gottingen on Papendiek 1 is a meeting place today for lovers of horror, ghost stories and hollowed-out pumpkins. It gets started at 3 PM - with or without Mrs. Merkel...

November 2: Mummy wrapping
and a Trip to the Haunted House

Halloween Party at the Hometown Soul Cafe
Göttingen Tageblatt

Scariness in the Operating Room:Oliver Höfling
(doctor) and Sebastian Kuda scare party guests.
It is pitch dark on the stairs of the haunted house. In the chambers creepy things happen: an undead rising from a leaf-strewn grave, a mad doctor amputates limbs. Saturday was Halloween - and who wanted to be afraid, could experience plenty of dark shapes in the Haunted House on Papendiek.
  "For children in the U.S. Halloween comes right after Christmas and their birthday in popularity," said Jeff Winchell. Even in Germany, the festival on the eve of All Saints Days is increasingly gaining popularity. As confirmed by the influx at Winchell's Hometown Soul Café: by afternoon there were little vampires, witches, fairies, knights and princesses celebrating. On the agenda were party games and pumpkin carving. Mummies were wrapped with toilet paper. And Gottingen's first haunted house could be visited.

Mummy wrap: Ely (left), Carola and her son Arne join in.
Supported by actors of Theater in the Operating Room, members of the English Drama workshop assisted Winchell's efforts to bring Halloween to Gottingen. In the afternoon they played a children's version of a spooky one-act play, in which white paint, fake cobwebs, fake blood and artificial body parts played an important role. In the evening, grown-up Halloween fans could be frightened - at a party with live music and terrible surprises.
Vampire: a bit afraid of the light.

Above English translations (occasionally with factual corrections) done by Jeff Winchell
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