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A Simple Philosophy

The Hometown Soul Cafe isn't driven by money. We won't make a fortune selling impressively elegant (yet exhorbitantly marked up) goods, nor by hawking hordes of cheap crap while screaming Sale!, Sale!, Sale!.

We take a soulful approach to money - reasonable prices, openbook accounting, fair wages and an acknowledgement that the exchange of money (or bartered goods/services) is significant part of human relationships.

Put into Practice


As can be seen here, tipping is a practice that varies a great deal from country to country. We wish to celebrate the part of you bound to your hometown, so please use the tipping philosophy that people in your country use - which will enrichen our staff's knowledge of the part of you that comes from your culture.


When receiving or giving change, we will encourage the use of the coins from your homeland. Don't worry about doing the exchange rate calculation as we'll do the math (using current exchange rates with zero fees, of course). If you forgotten what these coins look like, or the feel of jingling a part of home in your hands, we think you won't notice the few extra seconds it takes to make such a transaction. As an aside, we won't be handling electronic/plastic EC/credit cards as this lacks soul and certainly has nothing to do with your hometown.

Packaged Goods

While buying our packaged foods/beverages, if you wish to eat/drink some of them immediately, in our cafe, we only ask that you add in something extra you think is reasonable to pay (e.g. an additional 10% tip) for service/cups/glasses/space taken. We'll also make sure that some of our packaged drinks are kept cold so you don't have to drink a warm Henry Weinhard's Root Beer or Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale.


One percent of all sales will be donated to the One Laptop Per Child foundation. If you would like to find out how you can further help this organization (e.g. with translation services, direct donations, helping the children with their computers or in any other way), follow the preceding links.


The Hometown Soul Cafe is primarily financed through the English speaking community. In it's initial launch phase this will be in the form of microloans.

Gift Certificates

Ever wonder how you, a customer, can do a small part in helping to finance a worthy venture? The Hometown Soul Cafe will offer gift certificates to help finance the initial purchasing of inventory to be sold. And for every euro you buy as a gift certificate, other investors will match with 10 euros in loans. You can redeem your gift certificate at anytime in order to purchase goods at the Hometown Soul Cafe. The gift certificate will never expire. After making a purchase for less than the full amount of the gift certificate, the balance can be used for future purchases. You can even receive all or part of the gift certificate as cash, as long as it has been at least 6 months since you purchased the gift certicate.

If you want to purchase a gift certificate, contact us here.

Interested in Investing?

A business plan is available for interested parties. Contact the owner for more information.

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