English Speaking Activities for Your Children



Experts believe the best time for kids to become bilingual is before they enter school. Do you want your kids to play with other English-speaking kids their age, without the scheduling/organization burden (or the burden of simply trying to find another English-speaking child/parent)? I have been part of three playgroups in Göttingen and my research shows there are at least several dozen babies/toddlers in Göttingen with at least one parent from an English-speaking countries. Initially, we have scheduled the specific times below to encourage children and parents to meetup. Though as our customer base expands, we expect our organizational needs to greatly diminish as the likelihood of you simply showing up and finding other children to play with increases. We have a diaper changing table, and ample space for your baby buggy.
Thursday 1 to 3 PM. Come meet the owner's children Kai and Phoebe (more about his family is at w i n c h e l l . o r g )
Friday 1 to 3 PM
Saturday 3 to 4 PM - Specifically for Father's


We have a huge selection of toys and games to stimulate your children and for them to interact with other children. We also have specific meeting times for game playing:
Monday 3 to 5 PM
Tuesday 3 to 5 PM


Our library should give you plenty of material for you to read to your children, or for them to read. If you would like to read stories to children, please contact me. In the mean time we have story reading at the following times:
Wednesday 3 to 4 PM for babies through kindergarten age
Saturday 4 to 5 PM for elementary school children

Just Hanging Out

This Spring a couple of Americans brought their student's from Otto Hahn Gymnasium to the cafe once a week. In the Fall this expanded to include students from Hainberg Gymnasium. Except during school breaks they meet:
Tuesday 6 to 8 PM


Wish you could watch your favorite TV shows from your childhood, with your children? But not dubbed into German? Besides broadcasting children's networks from England, we also have videos for on-demand viewing.

English Classes for Children

Are you children needing more help than you (or their school) can give them? Hometown Soul Cafe is working with Danny O'Berry, who specializes in teaching children English to provide this service.

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